School Conveyance

Adarsh World School, Dwarka1. The school provides transport facilities on selected routes. Bus fee is payable in advance along with tuition tee.

2. Discontinuation of conveyance in mid session is not allowed. In unavoidable cases one month's written notice for withdrawal of bus service must be submitted or one month's fee will be charged in lieu of notice.

3. lf a child changes residence, change to another school, bus is not permitted without permission of the Transport-In-charge/Principal.

4. All students availing the School Bus must ensure that they maintain discipline in & out of the bus or they may be deprived of this facility.

5. Students should not drive motorized vehicles to and from the school. It found doing so disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.

6. Mode of transport should be duly intimated to school office and class teacher.

7. Rickshaw puIIers /Van drivers are not allowed in the school premises.