Annual days – festivals to celebrate the excellence.

Annual days –  festivals to celebrate the  excellence.

The value of extracurricular activities in a child’s school life is as dominant as academics. Annual functions are really important for kids in the school because they help them get involved in extracurricular activities and broaden their thought spectrum. Celebrating the annual day provides the school with an opportunity to showcase its achievements.

Adarsh World School emblazons its Annual Day once in two years with great pomp and show. Parimarjan- Srijan ki Oar was celebrated on 24th December 2017. On that day, the school commemorated the decade celebration for the entire forthcoming year. Also, a new logo of the institution was launched on this day-

“Celebrating a Decade of Excellence in Education.”

On 23rd December 2019, the school showcased its yet another super hit show, Navras at Delhi Haat, New Delhi. The celebration was indeed breathtaking. Every child got an appreciation for his incredible and marvelous performance by the spellbound spectators with a gleam in their eyes and a smile on their faces.

The confidence, energy, and dedicated performance of the youthful performers have always taken the annual day shows of Adarsh World School to a different level.

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