School Counselor

This past year brought on many challenges for us however, I don’t plan to focus on the negative or difficult side of life. I am Very aware of how disappointments have often opened new doors/or sent us in new directions that we might not have considered otherwise. Some of those disappointments are the very reason that we are doing the work today. 

I like to consider disappointment as a missed appointment with destiny, something that did not work out for one reason or another. 

I often write about the importance of staying upbeat and encouraged, to attract the most positive experiences our way but that does not mean we will be spared of the pain and discomfort that life inevitably has brought.

Sometimes, things just happen but there is nobody to be blamed. Who knows what wonders await us if we could use our disappointments as springboards to new adventures that could provide amazing outcomes that we have never considered. 

Disappointments can be opportunities for us to grow. While facing and overcome life’s challenges, we become stronger and learn to cope better with life’s joys and sorrows. 

I hope these thoughts will encourage you all to see life’s challenges and disappointments in a different light!