Activity Zones

MUSIC ROOM:  Music needs dedicated learning and practice. For such learning and practice, the music room is replete with musical instruments wherein students are formally trained to play them along with different ragas. of the vocal music.

YOGA ROOM: ‘Health is Wealth’ – the proverb proves to be completely accurate for Adarshians. The dedicated yogic exercises portrayed by them come only through hardcore training which is given to them in the Yoga room. 

AUDITORIUM: The auditorium of the school is one of its most necessary units. Apart from providing space for different functions, it also helps to witness various competitions, lectures, official meetings, workshops

PLAY AREA FOR KINDERGARTEN:  Just as birds cannot be caged, so as the tiny tots in a single room. The Play area for the Kindergarteners is a place for their amusement and thrill. Going up and down the slides, swinging high up on the swings, dangling on the monkey bars are some of the physical workouts which these kids look for when they are at school.

PLAYGROUND:  Children, big or small, find a sense of freshness and relief when they step into the playground. The playground of the school stretches long and can accommodate at least three classes at a time. The place has witnessed numerous contentions and triumphs.

SKATING RINK:  Students come down on the skating rink which provides them a welcome distraction from every day worries. Skating, one of the cardiovascular exercises is given a separate space in the school premises for the students to learn something new and improve upon their health.

STAGE WITH GREEN ROOM: The exhibition of talent needs a stage. The school has a long and wide stage positioned in the school playground. All the school functions are presented here. The green room at the back of it is the place where participants of the function get dressed up, utmost beautifully.