Spardha – striving for learning and progress.

Spardha – striving for learning and progress.

SPARDHA – Where Talent Meets Intellect

Human life is full of competitions and contentions. The training for the same is initiated in the school life of a child, along with the gaining of education. To increase students’ efficiency, competitions are organized.

An American singer has rightly said, “Participation is one of the best methods of educating.”

Participation involves students’ hearts and souls. Their involvement and their spirit of competition are the pillar stones of any event to be successful.

Adarsh World School celebrated its first-ever online annual event – Spardha 2020- Where Talent Meets Intellect.

The competition triggered with a bang and the participants wore their thinking caps to prove themselves the best. Their zeal and enthusiasm made them all, the real winners of their respective events.

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