Workshops – learning never exhaust the mind.

Workshops – learning never exhaust the mind.

To quote Albert Einstein, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Training is the method to enhance intellectual as well as moral growth, inherent talents, abilities, and expertise to perform specific work. It enhances the thought process, which contributes to better workplace results.

The Management of Adarsh World School strives towards excellence by providing time to time training and workshops to its students and to its magnificent team of teachers to enhance their work skills.

A normal classroom is itself the best place to train young minds. Kellogg’s was invited to the school premises to make children aware of the importance of healthy food habits and nutrition. Time Management, Disaster Management, and Emergency Preparedness, Road Safety, Educating Children Against Sexual Abuse are just a few names of various workshops which the Adarsh World School scholars attended to gain wisdom and knowledge about their whole being.

Imparting virtual education was a challenge for every faculty member unless some important workshops/webinars were organized to train the staff. To list a few are :

  • Effective Online teaching of Mathematics at the Primary level.
  • Teaching Mathematics Online: Strategies for Classes V to VIII.
  • Webinar on New Education Policy and Art Integrated Learning.
  • Webinar on Storytelling.
  • Webinar on 10 favorite Grammar lessons.
  • Webinar on engaging with the NEP in the SST classroom.
  • Webinar on Testing Times – Assessment and Evaluation
  • Webinar by SAMVAD NIMHANS to address the stress that teachers undergo and the ways to respond to it.

Such tutelage and coaching have helped each member of the institution to prove himself the best.

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